Origin of the Inner Wheel Collect

The wording of the Collect is attributed to Dulcie Saunders, a member and Club Delegate of the Inner Wheel Club of Kempsey, New South Wales.

At a District 27 Meeting, she was given permission to read the Collect to all the delegates present, and it was well received. A proposal was put forward that it be adopted by Inner Wheel as their Collect. The delegates voted in the affirmative. Dulcie asked her brother to print the Collect on parchment. She then presented the framed copy to District 27.


Instill in us O Lord the true meaning of friendship
Never let us lose sight of the needs of others
Nor forget to offer our help
Ever mindful of our own shortcomings
Realising we, too, need help often.

Whenever and wherever the need for service
Help us to be ready to serve
Endeavouring to make our club worthwhile
Ensuring we have not
Lived in vain.


When Port Macquarie West Inner Wheel Club was formed on 4 October 1976, and Chartered on 30 April 1977, Dulcie became a Charter member of this Club. On the night, she presented a copy of the Inner Wheel Collect done on parchment by her brother, which was the second copy done in this way.