This year's event raised approximately $45k for Cord Blood Research.



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What's it all about?

‘Sean’s Two for Ten’
A two kilometre walk for $10

Hello, I’m Sean and I will be the face of your National Campaign Raising funds for Cord Blood Research and this is part of my story told by my Mother.

There have been so many wonderful life saving success stories due to stem cell transplants, one of which Sean’s.

Sean’s first year of life was tenuous to say the least, at one year old he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called ‘Severe Combined Immunodeficiency’ and given little chance of survival. It is thanks to stem cells derived from cord blood that he is here today.

Sean entered hospital on 19 March 2012, and underwent a week of aggressive chemotherapy to condition his body for the transplant. On March 27, at 11.26am, he was injected with 30mL of cord blood that saved my life. 4 nurses. 10 minutes. 30mL. That’s it!

Luckily, Sean’s enjoying a full and interesting life. Some of his favourite things to do is swim, ride his bike and play chess.

There is no way of knowing the trials and tribulations my young man has been through just by looking at him, thanks to a syringe full of life saving cord blood stem cells.

This information plus a lot more was provided by Sean’ Mother Gloria Hill.

Joining the campaign is eminent Professor Graham Jenkin, Clinical Sciences department at Monash University. Monash University is committed to finding cures for the treatment of leukaemia, strokes, heart disease and other autoimmune diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis. Cord blood is one of the most valuable tools being used in the research of these diseases.

Maggie Scott - Australian comedienne - has also thrown her support behind Sean's Two For Ten. Our ambassador would like to see as many as possible out doing a walk to raise vital funds for Cord Blood Research.


A video from the Hudson Institute where Professor Graham Jenkin and his colleagues do much needed research for Cord Blood Research.  The talented researchers are making breakthroughs with stem cell research.  See their story.


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