History of the Inner Wheel Rose of Friendship

redrose3In 1957 the Inner Wheel Club of Kalmar in Sweden was chartered. This celebration took place in a church. The President from a Swedish Club gave her congratulations to the new club with one red rose (that was all the club could afford).

The President from a Danish club participated in the celebration. She became so enthusiastic about this idea that she brought it back to Denmark and started to give one red rose at special occasions such as membership admissions and changeovers.

In 1964 there was an Inner Wheel Conference in Scarborough, England. A Danish District Chairman, Astrid Holck, represented the Danish districts (at that time three). She passed on her greetings from the three districts, and then gave three red roses to Association President Mrs Helena Foster, one from each district. Astrid Holck explained to Mrs Foster that this Inner Wheel Rose was a Danish tradition to express best wishes.

The International Inner Wheel President loved the idea of the Inner Wheel Rose, and promised to take it with her around the world.


This is the history of the rose.
Let us keep it as a symbol of Friendship – Gratitude – and Love.


Suzanne Nielsen
International Inner Wheel Vice President 2007-2008