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Form 43 – Club Information for Directory

Form 44 – District Information

Directory Alterations

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1 Club Conference Delegate Credentials 1 Sept IWA Head Teller
2 Club Voting Delegate Credentials (Proxy) 1 Sept IWA Head Teller
3 Club Delegates Voting Instructions Pre Conf Delegate
4 District Voting Form 1 Sept Head Teller
5 District Proxy Voting Delegate 1 Sept Head Teller
 9 Proposal – Annual Conference 1 Feb  IWA Secretary
9a Amendment to Proposal – Annual Conference 1 April IWA Secretary
13 IWA Nomination Qualifications 30 Nov  IWA Secretary
16 IWA Nomination Form  30 Nov  IWA Secretary
16a Nomination Form for Council Member  30 Nov District Secretary
17 Nomination Form for District Positions 30 Nov  District Secretary
19 National Representative Nomination 30 Nov  IWA Secretary
20 Deputy National Representative Nomination Form 30 Nov  IWA Secretary
23 Capitation Fees 15 Sep IWA Treasurer
24 Capitation Fees – New or Late Fees IWA Treasurer
25 Cheque Remittance Form
27 Privacy Policy Form
28 IWA Membership Form District Treasurer
29 Transfer Form District Treasurer / IWA Treasurer
30 CLUB Badge Order Form Pre 28 Feb District Badge Officer
31 NEW CLUB Badge Order Form District Badge Officer
32 DISTRICT Badge Order Form 28 Feb IWA Badge Officer
33 NEW DISTRICT Badge Order Form IWA Badge Officer
35 Badge Price List
 40  IWA & IIW Directory Order (Clubs)  25 Feb  District Treasurer
41  IWA & IIW Directory Order (Districts)  15 Mar  IWA Treasurer
47  IIW Constitution Order Form (Clubs)  25 Feb  District Treasurer
48  IIW Constitution Order Form (Districts) 15 Mar  IWA Treasurer
61 Annual Conference Voting Delegates’ Credential (Council Member or Deputy) 1 Sep  IWA Head Teller
72 Past IWA President Conference Attendance 7 Sep  IWA Secretary
75 Past President and Members at Large Directory Order Forms 15 Mar  IWA Treasurer
90 Nominations for International Inner Wheel 31 May  IWA Secretary